What everything turns into when you drink too much.
Hey, I ain't no toilet, drunk dude!
by bat_hero May 02, 2009
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Someone who is ugly or rank looking.
Originated in Perth, Western Australia in 2005.
Person A: "What do you think of Robbie?"
Person B: " Absolute toilet"
by Claire Bear May 13, 2006
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the only place where Cole can sit and think about the fat french supply teacher and KD in solitude

also, the certain thing that we're about to trash
by The Executive March 18, 2005
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Solitary confinement for innocent bullcraps to suffer going down the hole.
I took a crap in a toilet.
by Dood Veed April 10, 2017
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When something isn't very good, but isn't really THAT bad, but still annoyingly bad, its toilet.
"that band last night were toilet"
"argh im doing so toilet"
by HDW April 07, 2009
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