the act of anal penetration during sex; to give toilet.
I gave Cindy some brutal toilet last night, but i had to go to the clinic cuz i got a dingleberry stuck in my dick.
by Slimer the Bunny August 16, 2006
Look it up in the dictionary.
e.g. a toilet
by Hannah February 27, 2003
If something is 'toilet' it is crap
Harry: dude, that stuff is nasty

Alex: yeah man, it's toilet

Harry: fo shiz
by Harry W October 02, 2006
Brett's wife
That Cunt Brett's wife is a right toilet.
by Zellip February 15, 2004
Someone who is ugly or rank looking.
Originated in Perth, Western Australia in 2005.
Person A: "What do you think of Robbie?"
Person B: " Absolute toilet"
by Claire Bear May 13, 2006
A shitty experience or circumstance.
I gotta work late... that's fuckin toilet! My girl slepped with my best friend. Fuck her she was a toilet bitch anyway. I ran out of weed... That's some toilet shit right there.
by Dat Dude June 23, 2004
pronounced "toy-lay". its a perfume you morons!
mary wore her toilet to school today
by jane July 21, 2003

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