Small venues holding 100-300 people, the first stepping stone for a new band.
..they're currently touring the toilets and building up a fanbase
by marinaorgan June 08, 2003
A derogatory reference to a girls ass.
Look at the toilet on her!
by I said it's Drew May 19, 2006
a woman's ass; her derrierre
Check her out -- nice toilet!
by JohnnyFlame March 23, 2005
A code word meaning Accidentally having sex with your best friend even though your gay.
Audrey's mother didn't want her going to John's because he still had a penis.

John accidentally fallen into Audrey that night they hung out, they called it Toilet!
by JAN6430958y73hf March 27, 2008
A girls box, her vagina or can be used to describe a hot chick.
Ohhh I ate Sharon's toilet last night, she blew three steamclouds and soaked the linens. *OR* Look at that hot little toilet in the corner drinkin a pre-mix bourbon and coke and smoking a filterless Camel. She's tasty.
by gibbonsausage April 10, 2007
where your shit goes after you r dun shitting.
Would you like someone crapping in your home?
by You dont know me July 10, 2003
The place to rape!
"Why am i strapped to the toilet?"
by Shimpy April 03, 2009

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