person who is full of shit
Don't lie to me, i saw you at that party, you toilet!
by s.v.o.t. April 25, 2006
the thing u poo in.. can't live w/ out them.. where else would u poo?
by Anonymous January 05, 2003
A simple and awesome word to describe something or someone in general if they're/it's bad, awful, crap, shit, dire, wasteful, terrible, atrocious, dreadful etc.
Work is toilet.
John's skills at gaming are toilet.
I had sex in the garden yesterday, but the girl was toilet.
McDonald's is the greatest, Burger King is toilet.
by jorelwarpath May 14, 2011
slang term to describe the front view of a girls jeans with a possible camel toe thrown in.
Wow man. Nice toilet on that chick.
by TurnbuckleBill April 10, 2011
A lovely view of the backside of a woman
Friend 1: O man! Look at her butt, it is so big.

Friend 2: I'd let her smother me with that toilet
by Tankapotamus July 03, 2010
The new habitat reserved for Miley Cyrus' career.
"Hey man, where do you think Miley's career is going?"

"Oh it's gonna end up in the toilet."
by theguitarfreak January 26, 2014
a word to describe how much something sucks or is just outright bad.
Guy 1: Did you watch the Jet game today?
Guy 2: Yeah, Chad Pennington is toilet.
by Taternaters November 24, 2007

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