A porcelain deposit for waste of the human butt. Great place for an epiphany.
"Hey the toilet's on fire."

"Now where are we going to make important decisions??"
by blickery July 13, 2008
a place such as Miami, Florida or Newark, New Jersey.
Or...East St. Louis, Illinois
Miami is the biggest fuckin' toilet in the country
by Woody Thomas April 11, 2007
The only one willing to take your shit even everybody else is tired of it.
Adam is so full of shit nobody wants to have to do anything with him. The only one left now to take his shit is his toilet.
by MiniMii July 19, 2012
People like to drink toilet water. A huh huh huh huh.
I smoked a toilet with Barack Obama today.
by Barry Trotter March 15, 2007
device for pooing and peeing in.
Really useful if you have to go SO BAAAD.
no example needed for TOILET
by u2dvdbono September 07, 2010
A lovely view of the backside of a woman
Friend 1: O man! Look at her butt, it is so big.

Friend 2: I'd let her smother me with that toilet
by Tankapotamus July 03, 2010
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