A toilet stalker is where someone spends a long period of time in other people's bathrooms, collecting pee to sell to travellers and excrement for their own personal gain. A negative result of toilet stalking is pee rape.
Signs that someone is a toilet stalker include:
- Shiftiness.
- Spending longer than normal in a toilet.
- having unusually high amounts of change at one time.
A person can become a toilet stalker unwillingly, or they can join the cult.
Person 1: Emma likes to fish stuff out of toilets.
Person 2: WHAT?!
Person 1: ever wonder why she takes so long in the toilet? well, now you know. She MUST be a toilet stalker.
Person 2: She goes to the loo so much!
Person 1: exactly. She's collecting samples. Don't let her round your house anymore, she might pee rape you!
Top Definition
The awkward situation where you are taking a shit, when some nigga walks into the cubicle next you. When you flush the toilet and hope to remain anonymous the nigga follows you out as well. which calls for awkward staring and disgusting smells.
Guy: "Dang I was shittin and some nigga decided to be a Toilet Stalker"
Your Bro: "Man I'd punch him out, thats annoying."
by 001girl September 26, 2015
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