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Noun. The left over hair on a male head after the balding process is complete. The hair on the back and sides of the head.
"Wow! I haven't seen Bob in years! He's got a full blown toilet seat!
by Domenico Tavella September 26, 2006
what according to women should be down all the time, like someone is lifting it up for men when they have to take a piss.
I have to lift the fucking toilet seat myself
by Slunjan July 18, 2008
A Sexual Act: to place a toilet seat over your lover's head (specifcally one you don't like), then you proceed to have rough sex with her mouth (she probably wont be enjoying it), then when your done, you slam that seat down on her ugly hoe face.
my bitch was complaining way to much so i decided to toilet seat that hoe.
by peter puffs the magic dragon July 10, 2008
A toilet seat is a person that is so incredibly messed up that you can do anything you want to them at any given time. Including making them into your human toilet seat.
Hey Joe, you see that dude over there rolling around on the ground tripping his face off?

Yeah I see him.

I am about to make that dude my toilet seat

This whole bar is FILLED with Toilet Seats tonight.
by the dreidel October 24, 2013
An inconsistency in someone's characteristics, behaviours, beliefs or actions. Refered to as such because, like a toilet seat, they're always undecidedly "up and down" about whatever it is.
"Is Jim going to the party on Saturday?"

"Naw. He's being a toilet seat about it."

by D. Gould January 21, 2007
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