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A colossally powerful fecal force directed into the toilet bowl. The toilet is at a loss to handle the influx of shit, and may either clog or require many flushes to clear.

Also may refer to the person channeling said force, whom is usually observed gripping nearby objects--or the toilet seat itself if nothing else will suffice--as the body struggles to maintain control as shit and soul are evacuated.
"Dude, I saw grip marks on your toilet seat, what the fuck happened?"

"Damn, Dan must have dropped another toilet punisher."
by Peristalsis October 11, 2009
Someone that makes a tiolet smell bad, possibly clogging it. It is either regular smelly poop or diahrea.
My fat friend is a toilet punisher.
by 3Oh!gsdfgfdgdfsjhgfj July 17, 2010

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