The evil monster living in or under your toilet. A controversial subject of much curiousity. Not many people no much about the toilet monster. Many think it has an endless hunger for piss and finklematter. Some think it the explanation for why things such as a Cottonelle Caper or Chocolate Dumpling exist. Also the most expensive part of the toilet.
The shit that I took in the toilet at Meyers had to be eaten by my seeing eye dog, because the sick fucks didn't have a braille sign saying "Toilet Monster NOT in toilets! Don't take a shit, you blind fucking bastard."
by EmailinaTHeArNer May 19, 2011
Top Definition
Toilet monster, A.K.A Flushy the Toilet Monster, is a toilet monster given life by artist Skid Lo. Flushy is a celeb toilet originally from Butte, Montana. He is best known for being the toilet on the popular television series Prison Break. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Flushette. He recently has been involved in anti-plumbking demonstrations and is a lead supporter of the anti-plumbking movement.
Person 1: Hey, did you see Flushy the Toilet Monster on Prison Break last night???

Person 2: Yeah, he kicked ass!!
by mr. blonde 01 October 12, 2011
a man that jumps out the toiet when you flush it
argh i dont want to go to the toilet as the toilet monster is going to grab me
by cameron nedrick October 13, 2007
The monster that comes out of the poop hole and eats your buttcheek as you set down your phone, for the first time in 30 minutes.
Did you hear about Johnny? I heard he got his buttcheek eaten by the toilet monster.
by TheDefinerOfWords99 March 11, 2015
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