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An apt name for the Accessible Icon Project's proposed replacement for the International Symbol of Access, the globally recognized icon symbolizing accessibility for people with disabilities. The new symbol, while intended to resemble a wheelchair racer, looks uncannily like a guy trying to wipe his rear after using the toilet.
Some disability advocates like the new "Accessible Icon," while others find it offensive, call it "Toilet Guy," and think it promotes a hierarchy of disability acceptance .
by autact7 November 08, 2015
The annoying people that sit in the toilets in clubs/pubs who watch you pee and try and guilt you into giving them money by giving you free lollipops.
"Did you go to the toilet?"
"No, I just paid a pound NOT to go to the toilet!"
"I know I hate those toilet guys, staring at you all the time"
by FigaroCheese April 25, 2009
Catch-all term for those employed in the demeaning trade of handing out paper to drunken males in Belfast toilets.
"Sup cracker? Hows your night?"
"Fine thanks, Toilet Guy. If I give you a pound will you refrain from stealing my phone?"
by boy afraid November 14, 2009
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