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Zhivkov was the communist leader of Bulgaria from March 4, 1954 until November 10, 1989 and is considered by all intelligent Bulgarians to be disgrace for the nation. Uneducated, but sly and pushy, he was able to climb up the communist hierarchy and to practically rule the country for a long period of time. According to a recent study, Zhivkov was personally responsible for selling the gold reserves of the country to his Russian commie masters just few months before the price of gold jumped almost three times its previous value on the world market. Another disgraceful act he committed was his proposition that Bulgaria joins the Soviet Union without being asked or forced to do so. In sum, every Bulgarian should be ashamed that this dumb, uneducated and sly person ruled the country for so long.
"God, how I miss Todor Zhivkov...everything was perfect while he ruled - bread was cheap, money was enough, work was easy...I wish that his times come back again!" - a lifelong Bulgarian commie feeling nostalgic about Zhivkov's times.
by antipinko December 03, 2007

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