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Any type of intercourse preceeded by rubbing hand warmers up and down the genital phallus.
Scott: The new Toasty Torpedo?

Toaster Oven: Yes, Scott. You make one.

Scott: Me?

Toaster: Put it in me, Scott.
by Fearful Symmetry March 25, 2009
1. Sexual act where the male sticks his penis into a container of hot sauce and proceeds to have anal intercourse with his partner.

2. A sandwich from Quiznos.
Johnson was feeling freaky and gave his wife a toasty-torpedo last night. Now they both are taking milk baths.
by neckwig April 03, 2009
A hot after-sex penis that is steaming in the cold winter air.
After hitting the slopes, Suzi was gifted with a toasty torpedo.
by liquidiq February 03, 2010
The act of treading water back to back with your partner then taking a stiff poop into the anus of your partner whilst under water, this process is then repeated vice versa in rapid recession until the stiff poop has dissolved into a diarrhea like format. The damp flakes are then packed into a tobacco pipe then smoke
"Timmy and I rocked a toasty torpedo at the graduation party last night, everyone got pretty messed up when we packed it in the hookah"
by dustynook February 01, 2010
When you're getting a girl up the butt and she farts.
"Dude, I need wash my dick. I was giving it to Wendy last night and she gave me a toasty torpedo"
by toastyTORP April 08, 2009
a double-handed, hand job, from a girl wearing mittens.
Nothing is quite as festive as a toasty torpedo on a cold winter night.
by ilikeboobies. April 05, 2009
The act of giving a bitch a big, hot dick to stick down her throat.

A great deal at Quizno's for only 4 dollars
Brad: I was at Ashley's house lastnight and I gave her a toasty torpedo

Steve: Nice.
by Ima Weiner March 30, 2009
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