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Condition that a person finds themself in after many days of doing cocaine (usually CRACK). Subject becomes twitchy and also makes strange humming type sounds which they are unble to control.
That chick Tanya is really tizik again, she should really get some sleep.
by Lisa October 09, 2004
a slang term for `f**ked up`used to describe a person place or thing
example: when something bad happens or you dont like something ``i cant belive im getting a speeding fine this shit is tizik``

``wow that girl was so tizik lol``
by biatchhhhhhhhhhh September 16, 2009
The condition in which a person develops a chronic cough due to running under horrible conditions and smokin madd weed in the summer.
Yo son I got tizik and that shit wont go away!
by SmAsH January 29, 2004
A adv. used to describe something that is abnormally well done.
"That was such a good shawg it was tizik!"
by - January 11, 2004
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