A Tivo is a person who only see's what they want to see in life. These people are often blind to common sense and encounter issues that could normally be avoid by paying attention to simple signs.

Common traits include severe self centeredness, chronic bitchface and empty pockets.
Guy: I dunno man, she seemed nice last night when we were talking at the bar.

friend: What!? Everything she talked about was either hating on someone or bitchin about work gossip.
Guy: I dunno dude, i might hit her up again just to make sure

Friend: Whatever man, tivo.
by Dante_ck June 20, 2014
Verb: to go back in time and review broadcast information
Hey Man, tivo that, I want to see (hear) it again.
by Devcon1 January 20, 2011
A dvr that is one of the most reliable ones around.... Deffinatly one of the best inventons!!!
by xdids November 14, 2004
PURE EVIL BLACK MAGIC!!!!! Created by the jews to rule our lives!
TiVo killed my family and recored Three's Company for me when i didnt want it to.
by towa June 25, 2008

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