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The name for the pairing, or ship, of Special Agent Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo and Officer Ziva David on the show NCIS.

See also: McAbby, Jibbs.
Fan 1: OMG did you see NCIS last night?
Fan 2: Yes, that Tiva action was hawt!

Fan 1: I ship Tiva :D
Fan 2: Tiva are awesome!
by Coz_Cat July 29, 2009
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This is a "TiVO Diva".
A person, usually female, who will not under any circumstances abandon their TiVO for another source of digital video recording.
They have multiple season passes active at any given time, have the hard drive filled to capacity at all times, and rarely allow family members access to the television for the watching of other non-TiVO events, such as football or video games.
Rational Husband: "Honey, if we change satellite providers, we can get a high-definition DVR with 500 hour capacity and all the channels they offer for $5 less per month than we pay now."

TiVA: "Do we get to keep the TiVO?"

Rational Husband: "We cannot."

TiVA: "NO."
by Sadie K December 15, 2007
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