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An awesome name shared by not many. He is a smart thinker, bold speaker, strong leader but not cocky, loves music, always smiles, has a lover, courteous, not shy with girls. Once a friend, he'll stay a good friend.
"You're so lucky to have Titus as your brother"

Girl: "Here's my cool boyfriend"
Girl 2: "Is he a Titus?"
by otterblue July 18, 2011
A book from the Holy Bible. Its located in the New Testament.
see the Bible for the book of Titus
by Mimi88 March 03, 2007
A television show that was on FOX but then, after 3 amazing seasons, was ripped off the air by those nutbags at FOX.
I watched Titus last night and it was great!
by Bit March 20, 2004
(hispanic) Dude, fella.
Que pasatitu?
by eugeni April 30, 2004
The name of children who will end up carrying a very strong sense of humor and the willingness to sacrifice for a good laugh. He'll probably have a tendency to misplace his slippers. These children are often born in New Zealand, and then move to Hawaii and form a strange accent.
Person 1: Dude I just lost my cat.
Person 2: what? What's updog?
Person 1: LOLWUT? Is your name Titus?
by 50Calpito June 23, 2011
A really long and dull story which makes out to be building to something amazing, but then just completely fails... Lots of very weird posh names you couldn't care less about will be mentioned and "EPIC" will be used so many times you'll feel like killing yourself.
Imagine this with about 3 hours of boring introduction and you have a titus:

I was there with fannius and atticus and we were all like totally of our faces and it was just EPIC! just so amazingly EPIC, like omg so EPIC you wouldnt believe!!! EPIC!!!!!

So it finally got to the end of the night, Twatius had gone to his room leave 10 minutes for some stupid facts about the rooms creation or something and I went to the basement to see, wait for it... A guy rocking himself against a cupboard! So EPIC!!
by EPIC!!! December 14, 2011
A girl with a fine, tight and nicely rounded ass. Titus was developed by taking the term "tight ass" and cramming into a quicker spoken version as to not alert the hottie you are talking to your boy about her incredible cannonball glutes and making yourself look like a tool.
Oh John look ahead, titus at 12 o'clock.
by Sir Moist July 10, 2008

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