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A young girl or woman. From the Krio language of Sierra Leone West Africa.
Did you see that titti?
by Brandie 132 July 30, 2005
T.I.T.T.I. is an acronym for ‘ Too Important To Text It ’ .
We are increasingly dependent on our cell phones and mobile devices to send all kinds of information & messages. Sadly, sometimes people share very personal and touchy information through these devices instead of actually taking the time to meet the other person and talk to them face to face.
It is easier & more convenient, yet totally inappropriate , for people to deliver bad or devastating news through a text message or an email. It is a cheap way of avoiding an actual in-person meeting with the receiver of the information.

A T.I.T.T.I. situation is when the information is simply too serious or too personal to be delivered coldly, through electronic means. It is not always easy, but talking face to face is one of the things that still makes us human. It just shows way more respect towards the other person, and sensitivity towards the situation, to deal with problems one on one.
Dude 1 : ‘ Bro, I heard John wants to break up with Sally after going out with her for two years ! What a bummer ! ’
Dude 2 : ‘ Yeah, I know. He told me about it. I told him to at least man-up & tell her face to face. He owes her at least that much. ’
Dude 1 : ‘ Eehck…. So akward ! ’
Dude 2 : ‘ No choice dude. It’s a T.I.T.T.I. situation man. Too Important To Text It . ’
by Marc.O.C. January 22, 2016
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