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An all girl gathering. Similar to a male Sausage Fest/Party. However, titpicnics tend to be more awesome that sausage parties.
Last night at Sally's house was a total titpicnic.
by Volition Dynamo February 11, 2011
5 3
The opposite of a sausage fest: a large gathering of girls with little to no male presence. Can be good or bad, depending on gender/sexual orientation.
Dude, you should have been there last night! We went to this party and it was like a massive tit picnic!

I was hoping to meet some cute guys at the Sorority-Fraternity exchange, but it ended up being just one big tit picnic.
by imaniv6 February 11, 2011
5 0
the opposite of a sausagefest
God, this party is such a titpicnic. Where are the dudes?!
by tessaurus February 09, 2011
6 2
A term referring to either a large gathering of chesty women or eating food off the breasts of an individual.
Example 1: "Dude it was a total tit-picnic at that strip club last night"

Example 2: "Licked chocolate syrup off my girl's boobs last night, best tit-picnic ever!"
by Crockopunch February 26, 2011
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