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After the Bruins won the 2011 Stanley Cup, the city of Boston has completed the grand-slam in major pro sports in only 7 years. The Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins have all captured championships since 2005. In the past decade, the city has won 7 titles, leading to ESPN officially naming Boston Title Town.
Tim: Damn, did you see the Bruins win the Stanley Cup the other day?
Claude: Yeah man, that gives all 4 Boston teams a title since 2005!
Tim: I know. That's why Boston is called Title Town!
by believeinboston June 17, 2011
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Gainesville, Florida

Home of the 2006 National Champions in NCAA Basketball and Football. Also home of the 2007 NCAA Basketball National Champions.

The Flagship University of the State of Florida is located in Titletown, an hour and fifteen minutes southwest of Jacksonville, FL.
Any intelligible high school student: I plan to apply at the University of Florida. Not only is it located in what was rated the number 1 city to live in, within an hour of what was rated the number one city to relocate for a job to, in a beautiful sunny state, with gorgeous SEC girls, the finest academics in the state, inventor of Gatorade, home of the most difficult stadium to play in, but they have a thing for winning. Winners breed winners and I want to set myself up for the best oppurtunity to suceed in life. I want to move to Titletown!
by Freddie from Titletown June 15, 2007
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