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Something that is large and very erect. Its way bigger than big and way huger than huge. Also KG says he is the perfect example. If it doesnt make you say dayyyuuummn its not TITANTIC!!
Shelby: Pull it out!
KG: wait one second! it takes a while to get out!
Shelby: Dayyyuuummn thats HUGE!!!
KG: No its "Titantic"
(thud as it hits the ground)
by Laxbro38 April 13, 2011
the most overrated blockbuster movie of all time. Starring Leonard DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, it's about two lovers on the ill-fated maiden voyage of the British ocean liner of the same name. It's just a mushy-gushy romance and disaster flick that drags on for 4 fucking hours or so, without any of the constant excitement of Dancing With Wolves, which also lasts 4 hours. Oh sure, you can look at Kate Winslet, but the movie is boring to the max.
The Titantic soundtrack is a total hunk of trash. It's got Celine Dion on it - doesn't that tell you enough?
by Galactic Gambler February 25, 2007
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