Very large breasts which look good while supported by a bra, however they sink quickly after the bra is removed.
Given her age, I suspect that Dolly Parton has a Titanic breasts.
by dion February 04, 2005
a ridiculously long, sappym love movie (that runs on for three hours) in which a very poor Leonardo Di'Caprio falls in love with a very snooty, rich, and stupid Kate Winslet.
"I'll never let go Jack, I'll never let go." (and yet she lets him go sink into the ocean because she was speaking metaphorically)
by Jesse Leonardo January 27, 2005
Rape a girl then drown her and jizz on her till she sinks

That bitch pissed me off, so I gave her the titanic treatment.
by westicals/smithcorp February 28, 2009
A film referenced to in a completely separate, much greater film called White Chicks.
"Have you ever seen the film Titanic?"

"No, I...."

"Neither have I. Drink?"
by The Lambinator May 07, 2005
Any overrated big-budgeted movie
by Anonymous November 04, 2002
gay anal sex
in a public bathroom
on a tuesday
the men titanic'ed until it hurt.
by Lauryn Hoochie Koo May 12, 2008
When a women is riding your cock and makes an extreme amount of vagineral fluids; resembling the flooding of the Titanic.
This bitch was fucking the fuck out of me when she started to fucking Titanic all over my grandmas fucking bed. It was fucking crazy!FUCK!
by Cliford September 25, 2005
a movie in which i used the dvd case to wipe my ass.
"we all out of toilet paper."

"here use this titanic dvd case."

"hey everything bad thing can be turned into something good."
by Jubbs July 14, 2006

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