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A shit so massive, that when flushed, it breaks in two and carries its passengers to the depths.
I just took a titanic shit that was oscar worthy.
by John + Amy May 05, 2008
have you ever eaten chips or some other sort of sharp food? well if you have, chances are that you've taken a titanic shit before. a titanic shit is a shit with one or more sharp parts which scrape the sides of your ass.

NOTE: this definition is not used to describe the size of a shit. this is strictly for scrape shits.
Hey Brian, last night i took a fat titanic shit and this time it bled!
by dsffdfjkdfldjf January 27, 2006
Referring to the scene where jack and rose are fucking in the car and jack or rose's hands slides down the window making hand prints with the fog on the window at climax.
Guy 1:"Dude! Our car windows are so fogged up!"
Guy 2:"Bro, slide your hand down the window and do some titanic shit, yo!"
by Anonymoose138 October 07, 2010
When a bowel movement is so magnanimous, that it spins around and is cut in half and pulled down under pressure, much like the titanic was.
I feel so much better after that titanic shit
by touber January 11, 2009

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