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drunk intoxicated with alcohol
Everybody in the club getting tipsy!
by MORBID April 21, 2004
getting tipsy, having a wild party!!!
every body in the club gettin tipsy!!!!!!!
by pooter May 05, 2004
a mixture of weed and booze in your body that makes you act crunk
this dro and hennessy is so awesome
by JayKay February 25, 2005
When your wasted or high as hell
e'r body in tha club gettin tipsy
by Lil Jay AKA JOE July 09, 2004
gettin drunk,
x:im not feeling very good i feel sick
y:i'll go and get a bucket
z:whats wrong with her
y:shes tipsy
by Ashleigh June 24, 2004
when ur drunk....
Came from J-kwon Tipsy
Listen to the song Tipsy by J-kwon

another example...me at a party...
by Justin July 14, 2004
so damn wasted
i'm gonna choke that tipsy bitch because she needs me to wax her rear end.
by HondaHomie07 April 24, 2004