T.I., Rubberband man, T.I.P., da king of the south's og name. free dat nigga. it was his dope boy name, also where king of da south came from. cuz before he became a rapper he was movin bricks and by 18-20 he was rich and peeps called him kind of da south. hustlin also lead to rubberband man. FREE TI
Listen to songs they call him tip. he is the best cuz. someone need to kill that nigga that snitched on him
by FREE TIP October 17, 2007
the thing a guy likes to squeeze, pet, suck, shampoo, lick. see, smell, sweetened with water. we like-em red or black, and sometimes kylie Jenner style (blue version only)
its hair not tips tits

by i like yo tips May 05, 2015
twerk in peace
u goin to hyz memorial?

yup.. t.i.p "so and so"
by adidasg1994 November 12, 2010
when you pack a bowl then turn the pipe directly upside down and save anything that falls out for later
ima try n get tips this time (cuz im cheap like that)
by bizyP July 23, 2010
The slang for an individual performing oral in a rather professional manner.
She loves giving me tips.
by el principe del perreo August 10, 2009
acrylic nails which are applied on top of your natural fingernails usu. worn by ghetto girls and designed with eye-catching ghetto designs in very bright colors.
Laqueesha: did you see that girl working the cash register at Pathmark?
Shareefa: them Koreans hooked her tips up. i'ma get me that pattern.
Laqueesha: but don't get them as long as hers cuz she had to push da buttons with her knuckles, gettin them all ashy, and she almost scratched your eye out and you know you woulda had to fight her.
by GhettoPrincess16 May 24, 2005
Drinking with the intention just to get tipsy.
Hey dude, lets tip tonight.
by alex tanen June 17, 2011
Ken Spivey's primary source of income.
Joe: "Why does Spivey have $500 in his wallet?"
Sean: "Tips"
by Homeless Penguin October 15, 2007
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