Another word meaning lazy or slacker
Boy 1 - What you been doing all day?
Boy 2 - Nothing just sitting around.
Boy 1 - Dam what a TinTin!
by IcPebbles April 06, 2011
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Belgian boy reporter who is the greatest hero of the world. With his dog Snowy,the Thompson twins, his loyal friend, Captain Haddock, and Professor Calculus, Tintin can do all. He foils Drug smuggling and illegal slave rings run by the evil billionaire, Roberto Rastapopolous, kicks the shit out of Dr. Muellar, and saves Sydavia from the evil Bordurians under Kurvi-Tasch and Colonel Sponz. Tintin wins every fight, always does the right thing, and has a unique cow-lick hairstyle that's all his own.
Tintin discovered that the Bordurians were going to invade Syldavia by stealing King Ottakar's sceptre.
by Not so super DJ Gennady March 09, 2003
A really cool cartoon that was made back when we didn't have all these bullshit political-correctness laws.
by AYB March 09, 2003
Good in a fight, crack shot, all-around great guy. He is the man. He is the legend.

He is Tin Tin.
Watch your fokkin mouth, bitch. Tin Tin will kick your ass into next Tuesday.
by NINny May 20, 2003
Slang for can of beer.
Just had a couple of tin tins round me mates.
by rewindDUDE March 05, 2009
Penis or pee, related to the german po po. Its what you use when your a little kid and don't know what to call the thing in between your legs.
Mommy my tin-tin hurts. I have to pee.
by kurcps February 27, 2009
He usually be killing it at ultra (and in the Library). Large rectangular head with crop circles sometimes engraved into his head. Mixed. Is a member of the Chode Squad (C-Squad 4 lyfe)
My boy Tin Tin, he be killin it!
by naggernagger chode hey January 14, 2011
A T.v show in Sydney aired on the ABC but isnt on anymore. But this show totally ROCKED when i was a Young Lil One. But the abc Dont air it Pooftas! Its made in canada Btw. lol
Tin Tin and his lil White Dog
by Rachie February 27, 2005
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