Queen of the Spoons! Ruler of all the twistickles!
Also a rather strange crazy dark fairy who likes to be annoying :D
Oh Tino, you is the silly fairy! Aren't it?!
by button April 16, 2005
The biggest faggot in the world. No other amount of gayness can compare to his. He is the queen of all queens.
Look at Tino leading the gay pride parade.
by Princess967 December 27, 2013
An evil mulleted man-dyke who prowls the halls of MSA looking for morbidly obese employees to tattle on and find sour patch kids to shove up her gooch.

Tino, a 42 year old data processor, looks to forward her illustrious career in dead-end jobs by whining like a baby and talking incessantly about her daughter, who she calls every hour to talk to for an hour to make sure she is still breathing. In three years, her daughter gets pregnant by a nascar-loving, meth smoking troglodyte who destroys the szoss family.
by Gordon Scumway March 24, 2009
Short for LATINO
Ricky Martin has GOT to be the hottest looking Tino guy I have ever seen
by Sparki July 29, 2003
A racial word used to describe latino people.
Look at that greesy tino. almost as bad as a spic
by ColdCoy June 12, 2007
one who think being a "lad" (see lad) only constitutes wearing the lad uniform.
A 'tino' is one who is extremely stupid and is of the lowest form of class and wit.
Joan: did u see that guy in a white cap running away from those authenticated lads?
Mitch: haha yeh what a tino
by stonerboy123940649343 September 16, 2006
Racial word used to describe latinos
look at that greesy tino, almost as bad as a spic
by Coldcoy June 11, 2007

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