one who think being a "lad" (see lad) only constitutes wearing the lad uniform.
A 'tino' is one who is extremely stupid and is of the lowest form of class and wit.
Joan: did u see that guy in a white cap running away from those authenticated lads?
Mitch: haha yeh what a tino
by stonerboy123940649343 September 16, 2006
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A man that is dropdead amazing. good looking, great eprsonality, any one who went out with him is lucky. a great peice of work.
Damn, Tino should be president..

of Good looking town
by bipashabasu January 09, 2010
A dwarfish man who is lethal with an axe when drunk. The kind of person who would die encased in ice while killing his enemy and doing his woman, a good drinking buddy, crazy pimp.
Steve is such a Tino. When we got into that brawl, he managed to crush the wankers and get the woman.
by sphinky1 April 05, 2009
The coolest guy in the world and a very attractive gentleman. Has great taste in music, loves trying new things. Does a lot for others and very little for himself, meaning he puts others before himself and he has a big heart. Justino is very charming, has a nice butt and smells really good. He has a charismatic personality and a killer sense of humor. Justino has a smile that attracts girls to him, but he's waiting for the perfect girl to walk down his path. The most amazing quality of Justino, is that he's great in bed. Despite all his very good qualities, he can only see his point of view and talks down to you for having your own opinion. He's not very patient and can be very aggressive when he's mad.
Guy: "My name's Justino & I'll rock your world"

Girl: "Fuck Me"
by UrbanDictionary05 December 06, 2012
The most awesome guys you will ever see. The sexiest man on the face of the planet. He can kick ass if fucked with. He usually get's the sexiest girls and is a freakin beast in bed. Takes too much pride in being Italian. You want to know a guy named Tino.
Man, that Tino guy is so awesome... I wish I could be like him.
by tin4r1 April 07, 2013
A very beautiful girl. devilishly smart so cute funny and nice very courageous
oh yea Tino.. i'd tap that.
by greenkiwi123 December 05, 2010
Short term used to refer to Cupertino High School (in Cupertino, California.). "Tino" can also be used to refer to the whole city of Cupertino, in California.
example 1
Sup man, lets head over to tino, theres a party goin on.

example 2
Guy 1: where u from man?
Guy 2: im from tino.
by Sid April 01, 2007
The word for when you don't watch what you TiVo.
Someone asks if you watched "Kidnapped" and you say, "I TiNo'd it."
by Tim Goodman October 16, 2006
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