Synonym for 'Thank you'. Likely started from a misspelling.
Bob: You look really good today.
Jane: Tinkies!
by Tanna September 02, 2005
Top Definition
When you shoot a boss in a video game and the "things" hit him, he makes a "tink" noise. Most bosses in video games are Tinky.
Jontron: That's a Tinky ass motherfucker.
Egoraptor: This bitch is Tinky.
by Rentation August 11, 2012
"A boss in a game, in which you hit them multiple times with attacks but the corresponding sound is a 'tink' and little to no damage. As coined by Game Grumps."
"Why did you take so long on that Mega Man boss, bro?"
"Dude, dat bitch was tinky!"
by GGbro. August 11, 2012
A word describing boss in a video game that's immune to almost everything, originating from a common sound effect "tink"!
Arin: This boss is immune to all of these weapons.

Jon: He's one tinky motherfucker.
by AwesomeMcPants August 11, 2012
An adjective used to describe video game bosses whose resulting reaction to a useless attack is a "Tink" noise.
"Are you saying that this boss is tinky, because when you shoot him, and the things bounce off, he makes a 'tink' noise?"

by Duke Remmington August 11, 2012
In a video game, when there is a single, subtle weak point on an enemy and attacking the majority of his body results in a futile "tink" sound.
"Why are you such a bad man?"
"I ju-he's-he's tinky!"
"Are you saying that because when you shoot him--"
"--and the things hit him--"
"He goes *tink*
"--he makes a *tink* noise"
"He goes *tink*! He's a tinky-ass motherfucker!"
"This bitch is tinky!"
by JonAndArinSmellLikeButts August 11, 2012
A boss who is impervious to you attacks, makes a 'tink' sound when you hit him.
'The boss is a tinky-ass motherfucker' 'This bitch is tinky'
by flavaflavs August 12, 2012
a word used to describe a boss or enemy who often makes a "tink" sound when hit.
"This megaman boss is so tinky."
by thetkmaster August 12, 2012
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