"tink tink" is the sound that your eyelashes make when you bat them at someone, or during a cute situation.
"Could you pleases stop eating ass soup? tink tink"

Person 1: "Don't you look cute?"
Person 2: "Tink tink."
#tink tink #aww #ass soup #cute #adorable
by You're in Town March 06, 2012
Top Definition
A four or less inch dick on a full grown man.
Guy 1: Did you hear?
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: Stef got into Jerimiah pants!
Guy 2: Damn, what a slut!
Guy 1: I know, but guess what she said.
Guy 2: What now?
Guy 1: Dat ho said Jerimiah had a Tink-Tink!
Guy 2: Damn, the Big J, got a Tink-Tink!?! Dats F'd up!
#riding the tink-tink #slut #nigga #alligator fuck house #butt sex
by Stephanie Hopez October 29, 2007
hyperbole, or exclaimation. used to break an ackwards or random silence.

Also from the spaceballs movie.
Mark: ...
John: ...
Mark: TINK TINK...
by Ajsan June 29, 2005
acting retarded or stupid; having a "moment"
"Jennifer, quit acting like a Tink tink!"
(Shakes head) "Poor Tink tink."
#retard #re-re #stupid #idiot #having a moment
by Julesgirl March 01, 2009
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