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Timetoreturnallyourunwantedgiftsforstorecreditday: Noun, Any day from Dec.26- January 31st to exchange your unwanted gifts back to the stores they were bought at for Store credit due to lack of receipts.
Boy 1: awww I got socks...
Boy 2: so did I but mom will get mad if we say it. Lets ask dad if he can help us

Boy 2: Dad can we take this back to the store? :C
Dad: not yet you have to wait until Timetoreturnallyourunwantedgiftsforstorecreditday.

Boy 1: What is that dad?
Dad: Its the days that I usually go to find all the stores your mom went to so I can take back all the clothes she bought me so I can get a new TV.
by ReturnPoIicy December 26, 2010
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