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A brilliant, British-Australian comedian/musician/songwriter/composer/human who writes and performs songs that are both thought-provoking and hilarious at the same time.

While his appearance can be frightening at first, after watching a few of his videos, Tim Minchin's incredible talent transcends his looks and he begins to appear rather attractive.

And let's not forget his insane piano skills.
Tim Minchin is a master in multiple areas.

I'd go to a performance of Tim Minchin only doing comedy.
I'd go to a performance of Tim Minchin only playing the piano.
I'd go to a performance Tim Minchin only talking about current issues.
I'd go to a performance of Tim Minchin only singin... gwell maybe not...

Tim Minchin has harnessed the power of all of his skills and is using it scramble my brains (in a good way)
by y-ye-yea-yeah! November 29, 2011
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Tomithy David Minchin: actor, musician and comedian. His Appearance is that of an Australian version of Clockwork Orange's Alex DeLarge.
Did you hear Tim Minchin singing about canvas bags in his concert last night?
by sir Domfsalot March 19, 2011
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