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a highball cocktail. Hennessy mixed with ginger ale. Clearly, heavier on the hennessy than the ginger ale. Served on the rocks in a collins glass or a tall tumbler.
Bartender: DAMN, you look beat up.

Rick: Yeah, my wife... Gimme a Tiger Woods.

Bartender: That has Hennessy. That's top shelf. It will be expensive.

Rick: No big deal, broLALA - I got the KOBE special at ZALES. I got money left overzzzz
by MACK 10 THE KNIFE December 20, 2009
His real name is eldrick!
Haha now we know y he had soo much time to practice his swing when he was a kid!!!
by cartman5000 July 29, 2004
Just a rich ass nigger who paid a lot to fuck a hot blond. Paid a lot meaning, you spent hundreds of thousands per lay. Do the math...............100 Million for 6 or 7 years of fucking.....................Pretty Expensive whore......Gold Digger
She married Tiger Woods, the rich nigger, because she had dug up her pot of gold.

Just a few years of hell and 1/2 is her's.
by Just a normal Black guy September 01, 2010
A nonstop 24/7 media barrage of destructive news about your personal life that brings a prominent career into a screeching halt.
Riding high his brilliant career, the unraveling of a sexual indiscretion was the tigerwood that made him choose obscurity over fame. It was a hard lesson indeed.
by mochicho December 11, 2009
A beverage consisting of 1 part root beer and 1 part lemonade. Like an Arnold Palmer, but darker.
The restaurant was out of iced tea, so I ordered a Tiger Woods.
by sinisterx18 January 13, 2013
Famous golf player who doesn't necessarily need his set of golf clubs to hit a few holes.

A golf player who often gets wood.
"Tiger Woods has been hitting so many holes-in-one off the tee, that his golf earnings will barely cover the alimony he'll have to pay!"
by DizizEgyptiancottonmothafok March 06, 2010