The world's greatest golfer.
Tiger Woods is to golf what Ali is to boxing or Jordan is to basketball, hands down.
by Jerry Kinard August 06, 2007
King Henry VIII without the executions.
King Henry VIII was such a player, he had two of his wives executed so he could fuck up another one.

This defines Tiger Woods perfectly.
by jbljbhujbnjm, February 19, 2010
A blackinese golfer
I already gave you the damn definition to Tiger Woods
by Jon D, Steve V April 09, 2010
(v). To fuck.
Tom: Dude, you're an ass hole.
Loki: And you're a drunk. A dumb drunk.
Tom: Yeah, well I just keyed your car the other day!
Loki: That was YOU!? Dan, dude. Now I don't feel so bad for Tiger Woodsing Betsy, on the day you two got married.
Tom: Wait, what?
Loki: *Is already running.*
by Loki the Red February 14, 2010
Plays golf, tends to be a man-whore, sleeps around, isn't very faithful, not very good at lying or cheating. Always gets caught. Obviously a dick.
"Did you hear Tiger Woods cheated on hi wife with about 14 of girls?!?
by Nikki6969 December 25, 2009
slang term for the word "cheating"
"I'm sorry hun! i just couldn't help but tiger woodsing with that fine piece of ass!
by sudol April 05, 2010
A colloquial term used to describe a woman with whom you may not choose to fornicate with, but Tiger Woods may. Not to be confused with the much coveted synonym Tiger Wood.
Guy 1: "Dude I would totally smash on that chick over there!"
Guy 2: "Nah bro, I wouldn't but Tiger Wood."
by degausser05 December 30, 2009

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