the flat out man. best athlete we have possible ever seen. tiger continues to break records year after year (many of them his own). arguably the best golfer ever. currently has 12 major victories, 6 shy of Jack Nicklaus's 18 which is the most all time. leaps and bounds beyond his competition. he has 53 tounament wins on the pga tour at age 30. and oh sorry that he doesn't smile more on the course, he's actually in whats called the zone, and has a quite possibly the highest concentration level of any human being. in 2000, 2001 he won all four majors in a row, a feat only comparable to the great Bobby Jones grand slam. since it wasn't in a calender year its not considered a grand slam by some. The Tiger slam is what it has been called. Tiger said "hey i have all four trophies on my mantle at home"
There is always someone better at golf than you unless your name is Tiger Woods.
by butter2 September 04, 2006
Top Definition
Tiger Woods - To have your ass whooped with a set of golf clubs from your wife after she found out you were cheating on her ass....
Man she went off, she Tiger Woods his ass!
by RayinHawaii November 29, 2009

To have several inexplicable relationships with women far less hot that one's wife, and subsequently ruin one's reputation. May or may not be accompanied by a car crash.
I used to look up to him as someone who had it all and still managed to live a decent, honest life, but then he went and pulled a Tiger Woods and now I can never look at him the same way again.
by sdevs December 06, 2009
A whore monger who'll only go for white meat.
Abdulla says he ain't interested in no gravy booty no more. I think that mofo gone Tiger Woods on bitches.
by Skinny Black1 December 06, 2009
The most vicious firehydrant killer in the urban jungle.
We have to protect all those poor firehydrants from the likes of Escapading Tiger Woods.
by Quido1 December 04, 2009
A sudden and rapid decline from sublime to slime.
Tiger Woods 'transgressions' catapulted from sublime to slime.
by Zoe & Jackie December 09, 2009
A mixed race professional golfer, sometimes ignorantly misidentified as being African American. This is due to the nonsensical and horrifically racist United Statesian "one drop" rule, which states that "black" ancestry is so disgusting that any trace of it disqualifies you from belonging to any other ethnic group, regardless of whatever other heritage you have. In reality his heritage is one quarter Chinese, one quarter Thai, one quarter African American, one eighth Native American, and one eighth Dutch.
Tiger Woods (born December 30, 1975, in Cypress, California) is an American golfer, widely considered to be one of the greatest golfers of all time.
by A-non Imaus April 02, 2006
The act in which you have sexual intercourse in all three of your womens orfices. Making it in every hole like Tiger Woods does.
Person 1: Yo, i busted a tiger woods on that girl.
Person 2: Tiger Woods? whats that?
Person 1: I put it in every hole!!
by Discard February 22, 2008
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