A word created by charlie sheen to describe what courses thru his body and brain.
I just drink a fifth of jack and snorted some white powder to get my tigerblood flowing so i could bang the goddess for 2 hours. Are you a troll or a follower of me the wizard @charliesheen
by morrisville2ireland March 09, 2011
When you party like Charlie Sheen.
Dude, you'v been drugged up and drunk for 7 days straight!

What can I tell you man, I got 'Tiger blood'
by Jimbo1501 March 08, 2011
It's just the blood that happens to run through a tiger's body. It doesn't have any unique qualities that make it any different from human blood. It also makes Charlie Sheen impervious to addiction
"I'm looking to hire a winning INTERN with Tiger Blood,"

-Charlie Sheen
by rousseau5550 March 08, 2011
One's blood after finishing 7 grams rocks. It means you are "winning"
Charlie Sheen had Tiger Blood running through his veins after he was finishing 7 gram rocks.
by spivtron March 08, 2011
The fluid running throughout the body of a person in a constant state of sexual orgasm delivered by the mouths of seductive goddesses and their magical coke potion. People who have tiger blood are often seen tweeting about their winning experiences.
Tiger blood rushed into Chuck's massive cock as the Goddesses' began to suck rapidly.
by scotty923 March 07, 2011
The ability to do anything
Charlie Sheen can smoke 7 gram rocks of cocaine because he has tigerblood

by mR742 March 07, 2011
What flowed through your veins if you have Adonis DNA.
Man, Charlie Sheen has that TIGER BLOOD! Cause he's got that Adonis DNA, man!
by Parabox March 07, 2011

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