The shit that makes Charlie Sheen the man!
Tigerblood = Winning!
by 3000wayz March 07, 2011
What flowed through your veins if you have Adonis DNA.
Man, Charlie Sheen has that TIGER BLOOD! Cause he's got that Adonis DNA, man!
by Parabox March 07, 2011
Cocktail consisting of crystal methamphetamine, MDMA, cocaine, honey and grape juice. Purveyed by drug gangs, TIGER BLOOD is an easy way to circumvent traditional narc convention. It represents the rise of China, the rise of the Latin American Drug gangs, and the end of America. Usually consumed in McMansions.
Goddess, I'm thirsty -- will you pass the tiger blood?
by Matt Matthewson March 06, 2011
something Charlie Sheen said on twitter. Who knows what the ef hes talking about ever!
#tigerblood #winning!
by sarxxxxx March 05, 2011
What Charlie Sheen is made of. It gives you the awesomeness you desire, only one problem though: Only Charlie Sheen knows where to get it, and how to use it. Charlie Sheen is the shiz!!!! Gives you the strength and courage to say "Go fuck yourself Nancy Grace!"
Charlie Sheen is packed to the brim with Tiger Blood. He just overflows with it. Rock on dude!!!!
by Kyle Rainer March 02, 2011
A feline bloodstream. Permits you to OD on drugs or just take shitloads and survive. See Charlie Sheen.
by Your Mother 69 March 14, 2011
What runs through Sheen’s veins, making him all-powerful.
AA was written for normal people. People that don’t have tiger blood and Adonis DNA,” “Because I'm me. I'm different. I have a different constitution, I have a different brain, I have a different heart. I got tiger blood, man.
by Lil'IslandBabe March 12, 2011
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