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A powerful drink and mental attitude brought on by a liquid anabolic steroid used to give the wrath of Adonis to any who consume it. apparently making those on the edge even more batshit crazy.
Mr. Sheen has tigerblood flowing through him making him super powerful and stand above all humans
by Selden March 07, 2011
Blood that imbues special people with the DNA of Adonis, the strength of a tiger, and the ability to not succumb to addiction of any kind. (i.e. Charlie Sheen)

Fools, trolls and other weak people who allow defeat do not possess Tigerblood.
I'm not gonna do any more cocaine but I am going to drink this bottle of Grandad and put my manhood into these porn stars until I ejaculate because I have Tigerblood.
by cottagecheese420 March 06, 2011
A shot consisting of liquid cocaine with a splash of grenadine and cherry juice.

This drink may cause you to become a bitchin' rock star from mars.
Man, I saw charlie take a tiger blood last night and it caused his face to melt off.
by GoodOmens83 March 20, 2011
That extra-special genetic factor that allows one to take inhuman amounts of drugs and survive. The only known person with tigerblood is Charlie Sheen.
I've got Adonis DNA, tigerblood and CBS should be licking my feet
by sarutehman March 07, 2011
1. Something that Charlie Sheen and people who are #winning have an abundance of. May be the reason why there are only about 3200 tigers left on Earth.

2. A drink inspired by the now-popular phrase. Consists of P.Diddy's popular Ciroc Red Berry Vodka and Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice.
Charlie Sheen: "Im different, I got a different consititution, a different brain, a different heart...I got tiger blood man."

Diddy: "#TIGERBLOOD!!!--- Redberry Ciroc + Cranberry Juice = #TIGERBLOOD!!! - #WINNING!"
by Pajamas1234567 March 06, 2011
A mystical power e.g. cocaine or the aphrodisiacal properties of being really famous.
Charlie Sheen - "I'm smacked up on #tigerblood"
Loads of hot chicks - "I'll sleep with you, you can do whatever you want to me"
by theboysykes March 05, 2011
-The blood that flows within a huge pile of wreck, also known as a Charlie Sheen. It is a hunted species of the human kind who’s ready to bite your face off if felt threatened. Once a funny man, accompanied by a has been and a midget.

-a brand of an anabolic steroids
Rob: Hey, what happened to Lisa last night? She was with you right?
Charlie: My Tiger Blood took over me and I probably killed her with my bare fists.
Rob: shit, that's whack!

(commercial voice) NEW! Tiger Blood By Charlie Sheen, why have a large Penis if you can have Gigantic Muscles?
by DorkMastahFunk March 08, 2011