A common sheenism used to describe someone who has the the complete focus of becoming the best and always WINNING
Only people with tiger blood can bang 7 gram rocks and not die.
by tigerbloodscharlie March 09, 2011
People who are constantly winning most certainly have Tigerblood running through their veins.
Those people are rather rare and a lot of people admire or envy them for their success.
Chuckie: "Wow Charlie, I can't match up to your Tigerblood!"
Charlie: "You bet!"
Chuckie: "Yeah, I really think I need to plan better..."
by underkuerbis March 09, 2011
The superstrength life preserving liquid that flows through the veins and arteries of bi-winning actors not necessarily of this terrestrial realm. Useful for soaking up heroic levels of drugs whilst on insane binges.

Also required for their interns. And for tigers.
Because I'm me... because I'm me. I'm different. I have a different constitution, a different brain, a different heart, different, I dunno, I have tigerblood man!
by MoodleMoo March 08, 2011
What Charlie Sheen upchucks after a binge at Sober Valley Lodge.
Rach, erm, Goddess, will you get a towel? After I banged a seven gram rock I sort of vomited my tiger blood all over the credenza, because that's how I roll.
by gaiman March 01, 2011
Charlie Sheen's mojo juice, that which fuels his neurotic rants.... well, that and cocaine.
Reporter: Hey Charlie; what does tigerblood do for you exactly?
Charlie Sheen: Winning! Duh!
by refusedone March 10, 2011
A powerful drink and mental attitude brought on by a liquid anabolic steroid used to give the wrath of Adonis to any who consume it. apparently making those on the edge even more batshit crazy.
Mr. Sheen has tigerblood flowing through him making him super powerful and stand above all humans
by Selden March 07, 2011
Those whom are in possession of this sacred substance are immune from the effects of: face melting, weeping children standing over your exploded body, and the effects of 7 and 8 gram rocks.
Carl "I got tiger blood, man,"

Bill "Whats that? It sounds disgusting"

Carl "No man, its great, I don't have to worry about my face melting, weeping children standing over my exploded body, or the effects of 7 and 8 gram rocks!"

Bill "Will it be magic?"

Carl "So much so that I wont remember you, but you will remember me for the rest of your life!"
by The ma-sheen March 04, 2011
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