the one cool black kid at chs, who amazingly resembles tiger woods
you guys seen Tiger around the halls of CHS? damn, its must've been an optikal illusion!
by sunnabitch February 15, 2005
Hes black i think and uh, i own the force
Oh yeah, he is... uh banana phone
by Matt Gualdarrama March 12, 2005
iownt care what yall niggas say, tiger woods is black just like the rest of us! he can deny his race all he want to, but its the resemblance is obvious. besides that, hes a kick ass golfer who hasnt been playing like crap like that dumbass was sayin, cause he just won the british open.
bruh man is half a billion dollars strong, with more to come, just won the british open, got a hot super model wife, and gets free buicks. how can good is that?
by Devin th' Dude July 17, 2005
a fairly good golfer who cant admit the fact that hes BLACK just like the rest of us, no matter how many races he's mixed with (thats the whole point of being black.)
i mean, the 37.5% Chinese, 25% of African descent, 25% Thai, and 12.5% Native American, OR 52.5% Asian, 25% of African descent, and 12.5% Native American is just to friggin stupid and a sign of desperation to be NOT black. (mariah carey has the same problem and oprah set her straight)
there are a lot of us mixed with native american, white, and asian, but we're black for the most part! your either white or your black in the US! its a one drop system here! Remember, Hybrids are not included in the Census count.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 24, 2005
A golfer who once was great, but now is about as good as Girls Aloud. He is ALWAYS frowning!
Someone get Tiger Woods some prozac. And HURRY!
by Mrs Lampard June 30, 2004
An uppity negro that thinks he's too good for his own people.
What has Tiger Woods done for the black community?
by Marcus W. August 31, 2005
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