Verb: To take a pee while sporting a hard on.

Derived from the act of evenly spreading ones feet and leaning forward to ensure accuracy and power.

Also, name references to the condition commonly known as morning wood.
Holy crap, this morning I woke up with such a rager, that I had to pull a Tiger Woods in order to keep from hitting the wall!
by Curousgeorge October 07, 2008
When you whack a girl in the face with a boner like Tiger Woods teeing off.
Jake gave me a Tiger Woods last night for not giving him a bj
by jake and drew are pimps August 14, 2008
A Tiger Woods refers to a drink of half lemonade and half black tea. This comes from it's counterpart, the Arnold Palmer, which is a drink of half lemonade and half iced tea, only white.
I would like an Arnold Palmer, a Tiger Woods, and two Gatorades, please. -said to the bartender at the nearest golf club.
by aspen1974 November 05, 2009
A great professional golfer but a man who is a sell out to his race. Comes up with the term "Cablinasian" to describe himself since he is "mixed," even though Woods is too stupid to realize that 90% African Americans are mixed, so he isn't special.

Tiger Woods is a winner at golf but a sell out to Blacks. I'm "mixed" but I call myself Black, and I will always be known as this. Every one respects Barack Obama because even though he his mother is White he identifies with Blacks.

Tiger, all White people see as being Black, and all the money and fame in the world will never change that.
Tiger woods is an Uncle Tom. He comes up with a new term to describe himself so he won't be known as "Black." What a sell out.
by Transduction January 09, 2009
A phrase used to express extreme happiness and success. Usually exclaimed when lunging and shooting one fist forward triumphantly.
Bob scores a date with the hot chick from work.
He lunges while triumphantly punching the air with his right fist and shouts "TIGER WOODS"
by Jabaha October 14, 2007
penial erection of the large carnivorous feline mammal (Panthera tigris)
that hot chick sure have my tiger woods standing
by maetel June 08, 2003
When a girl/guy defacates on a white man's testicales
"Give me a Tiger Woods, take a log of your shit and smack my nuts like they are golf balls"
by DocWattson July 23, 2006

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