The act of pulling out a tampon from a girls vagina with your teeth before having sex with her, preferably somewhere lewd like in a car park.
I was so horny last night I did a Tiger Woods on my girlfriend.
#period #tampon #sex #blood #graphic
by duttysox February 07, 2011
Verb- to take 5 months off of golf after your life falls apart because your wife and everyone in the world found out you got major pussy then shoot best round of golf in your career at the hardest course, because your beast!! Tiger is fucking awesome i hope he ins the Masters.
Guy1"what happened to your face?"
Guy2"My wife beat the shit out of me after she discovered my affairs"
Guy1"then why are you so happy"
Guy2"Cuz i just shoot 4 under par at the motherfuckin Masters and got two eagles, too!"
Guy1"Wow you sure tiger woodsed the hell out of that course."
#awesome #greatness #chick magnet #clutch #golf
by chicago's greatest April 09, 2010
A guy who failed to kick out a bunch of hot enough girls that offered sex to him. In other words, a guy who did what most men would do if ever given the chance. If he was white and this was France or Brazil, he'd be admired for being Manly Man No. 1 and the only thing people would be sorry for would be the fact that he got caught and that he offered a damn whiny apology to anybody else than his wife. But since this is the US and he's black and his wife is white, this is somehow so extremely despicable and uppity and nigger-needs-to-know-his-place.
Look there goes Tiger Woods. Since Our Holiness wouldn't even think of screwing those girls when they came up and asked for it, let's throw the first stone.
#manly #macho #stud #uppity #nigger
by TeaRex April 03, 2010
A mixture of 50% tea and 50% kool-aid. Similar to an Arnold Palmer.
I had some fried chicken and a Tiger Woods at Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n Waffles.
#drink #tea #ice tea #kool-aid #tiger woods
by J. Crimeny July 30, 2008
the flat out man. best athlete we have possible ever seen. tiger continues to break records year after year (many of them his own). arguably the best golfer ever. currently has 12 major victories, 6 shy of Jack Nicklaus's 18 which is the most all time. leaps and bounds beyond his competition. he has 53 tounament wins on the pga tour at age 30. and oh sorry that he doesn't smile more on the course, he's actually in whats called the zone, and has a quite possibly the highest concentration level of any human being. in 2000, 2001 he won all four majors in a row, a feat only comparable to the great Bobby Jones grand slam. since it wasn't in a calender year its not considered a grand slam by some. The Tiger slam is what it has been called. Tiger said "hey i have all four trophies on my mantle at home"
There is always someone better at golf than you unless your name is Tiger Woods.
#great one #mj #elite #champion #ice water in veins
by butter2 September 04, 2006
to do an uppercut to someone's ballsack with full force. Usually done either out of anger, or joy from doing something really good. Ball sacks tend to just find someones fist during a tiger woods.
I tiger woodsed that guy so badly he bled.
#tiger #woods #tiger punch #uppercut #ball punch #woodsed #tiger woods
by ball punch expert December 17, 2007
Verb: To take a pee while sporting a hard on.

Derived from the act of evenly spreading ones feet and leaning forward to ensure accuracy and power.

Also, name references to the condition commonly known as morning wood.
Holy crap, this morning I woke up with such a rager, that I had to pull a Tiger Woods in order to keep from hitting the wall!
#tiger woods #wood #boner #morning wood #pee
by Curousgeorge October 07, 2008
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