captain morgan lime and diet morgan lime
Matt and Lindy Drinking that Tiger Woods-- DELISH!!!
by KUNDERT03 December 19, 2009
A man who cheats on his wife for other woman in bars, and on the street.
Man, that Tiger Woods likes woman,
I know, he is a Tiger Woods.
by benedict losers December 31, 2009
When you give a foregasm like the great golfer you are
"Dude i totally tiger wooded that golfing son of a bitch"
by B-r0v August 28, 2006
While endeavoring in the act of anal intercourse, right before ejaculation pull out and proceed to insert the handle of a golf club into her anus. Then you bust your nut on her ass cheeks while screaming "FORE!"
Dude I gave your sister a Tiger Woods last night, and you might want to buy a new putter.
by schlogden February 18, 2008
Tiger Woods. (n.). A drink with half and half mix of lemonade and black tea that is like the Arnold Palmer but fits better in a racially incorrect way, as in Woods is half yellow and half black, and gets a lot of tang, and didn't quite get away with it.

Slang from the last decade in the San Jose or Milpitas area, especially after Tiger's falling out with his mistresses.
Tiger Woods (nee. Arnold Palmer)

Asking for an Arnold Palmer makes sense in a restaurant, but if you ask for a Tiger Woods there will probably be some stares from the wait staff.

Also called Island Tea Lemonade.
by sporkfif44 June 19, 2011
Seagram's Sweet Tea Vodka and Lemonade. Otherwise known as a dirty Arnold Palmer.
To Bartender: May I please have a dirty Arnold Palmer?
To Customer: One Tiger Woods coming up.
by Sticky-icky August 30, 2010
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