An ASIAN/African-American professional golfer who attended Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA but dropped out, only to become the second most successful college drop-out in recent history (wanna guess who #1 is?).
I watched in amazement the other day as Tiger Woods absolutely destroyed those country club boys at the golf tournament.
by Oprah March 08, 2003
to cheat on one's spouse
Ya he totally got caught "tiger woodsing" his wife on a "business trip" in Tijuana.
by philosophocles December 23, 2009
An unquenchable thirst for sex. The person experiencing Tiger Wood feels invincible and will do whatever they please to whomever.
That guy has so many different chicks all the time he must have Tiger Wood.
by D O Double R December 28, 2009
To get divorced by way of playing 18 holes on the skanky public course when you've got a perfectly good place to use your putter in your own house.
Suddenly, doing the Tiger Woods tour took on a whole new meaning.
by Cunningest Linguist January 01, 2010
1. (noun). A dark-skinned (or non-caucasian) male who is only sexually attracted to caucasian women.

2. (noun). A sexually promiscuous man; a man whore.

3. (noun). A married man whose wife has found out that he has been having an extramarital affair or affairs with other women.

4. (noun). A man who is a dangerous and/or accident-prone automobile driver.

5. (noun). A man who is or has been physically abused by a woman, usually a wife or girlfriend.

6. (noun). A mixed race man with dark skin.
1. Tyrell has sex only with white women. He's the Tiger Woods of Harlem.

2. Joe screws every woman he can get into bed.

3. Once Bob's wife Vicky found out he was screwing two women on the side she divorced him and got most of his assets, including the house and car, in the divorce settlement.

4. Jake has been in two car accidents this month. In the first accident he hit a fire hydrant while drinking and texting; in the second accident he drove his Porsche through his neighbor's living room.

5. Eddy had to leave the state because his girlfriend has been beating his ass black and blue. I hear Eddy is going to live in a battered men's shelter with other skinny wimps.

6. With one look Candace knew the male dancer was neither black nor white. All she knew for sure was that he was dark skinned.
by Johnny Z. Styles May 14, 2010
An alcoholic version of an Arnold Palmer, consisting of half sweet tea and half lemonade Four Loko. As Palmer was the best golfer of his time, Tiger Woods is the best of this time, adding plenty of poor life choices.

WARNING: May result in golf clubs in your Cadillac windshield
That Tiger Woods last night made me go on TV this morning to apologize for what I did
by Paco Gutierrez November 04, 2010
What Tiger Woods fans get every time they talk about him or see him on television.
You watching TW's press conference?

Yeah, I'm sporting some Tiger wood right now.
by dysangel February 23, 2010
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