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Any accident or injury caused to a man while trying to escape from his enraged and livid wife or girlfriend
Bob: Brenda found the text message on Johnnys phone about meeting some girl so as he was walking out the door she hit him over the head with a bat and then chased him up the block.

Tony:Now that's what I call a Tiger Slam!

Bob:Ain't nothin grand about that kinda slam
by mcdizz December 03, 2009
To attain a man's ultimate goal - hooking up with four different women in one week. Inspired by the biggest sleaze of all.
I was on a hot streak last week, but I had to call my jumpoff on Saturday to complete the tiger slam.
by D-Wayne January 09, 2010
When you achieve the act of sexual intercourse in all three of a girl's orafices.
"Dude, I totally tigerslammed that girl last night. Front, back, and around the corner. "
by Fitzyroo January 09, 2010
When one sleeps with 4 women of different race (White, Black, Asian and Brown) in one calendar year.
I'm going to try to hook up an Asian girl tonight to complete my Tiger Slam.
by Kichwa Oh Babier May 06, 2010

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