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Large bresats, in other words" Big O Tities".
Those are some tig O bities.
by Osvaldo Pavel Arreola December 02, 2003
59 16

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tig o bity
Large breasts; in other words "Big O Tities"
She has some tig O bities!
by Pavel Arreola December 02, 2003
34 14
big tits
damn that gurl has tig o bities!!
by big tit lover June 06, 2003
14 4
A descreet way of saying a girl has large breast. The flipping of the first letters of Big O' Tities.
Damn, that girl got some tig o' bities
by 121Chino141 June 21, 2006
11 3
The mature way to say a women has large breasts.
Example 1;
guy 1: Did you see those huge tits?
guy 2: Dude those were some Tig-O-Bitys.
Example 2;
Katelyn has some Tig-O-Bitys.
by main attraction man November 08, 2011
0 0