Phrase used by oreos (black people that act very white) to describe a woman with large breasts.

(the tt's are pronounced like dd's)
I like two things, CoD and tig bitties
#tits #boobs #breasts #jugs #oreo #black people #white people #tig biddies
by supersecretsock January 30, 2011
When your walking in a public place with your friends and you see a girl with nice full bodacious breasts. You wanna say something to your friends without alerting the big boobed girl, so you say "Damnnn looked at them tig bitties"
sexy big breasted female walks in the room

you:"jesus that girls got some tig bitties"

girl: what did you just sayy??

you: tig bitties, its a compliment trust me.
#massive #breasts #code words #boobs #big titties
by LBD21 April 26, 2010
A way to say "big titty/titties" when you can't say bit titties.
Cuz his dad was around, Timmy said to Jimmy, "damn.. that girlks got tig bitties!"
by Korijo June 22, 2003
Simple Big Titties
Damn!!! that girl has some Tig Bitties
by Pete February 20, 2003
A person with voluptuous breasts!
Sarah Flynn has Tig Bitties
#rack #boobs #breasts #tits #boobies
by TigBitties42069 April 06, 2015
humma lumma lumma summa those big ass titties!!!
she has some tig ass bitties, yo!
by tg OOOm November 10, 2003
Not to be confused with big cow udders, Tig Bitties are usually firm, round, mother earth breats.
Canadian dilect of tig bitties: Those are some right Tig 'Ol Bitties eh bye?
#big #titties #tits #boob #slang #breast
by Haligonian Hangover July 10, 2006
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