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An extremly HOT girl who is also a player and normally wears sunglasses and short-shorts. She is normally blonde and blue eyed or Brunette and brown eyes... and normally very popular, well loved by everyone but a couple people and some odd ex boyfriends. Tiffany is probably pretty and you should ask her out.
Tiffany Thornton, Tiffany Rohx
by xTiffx May 09, 2010
A girl who is so dumb she doesn't know the difference between a state and a continent. Usually found in middle class america who's mom is better looking than she is. Most likely to have a small mammal pet with no brain also just like her. Common sense is also lacking in this specimen, beware if you meet one.
wow that was a tiffany comment
wow you just had a tiffany moment
(usually begin with wow)
by crotchdweller February 03, 2010
A Dark haired girl with green eyes. Does NOT flirt around. Has speckles not to be confused with freckles. Likes chicken strips. and is super sexy.
Laquesha: Dayym that Tiffany is sexy

Toparamonesha: It's cause shes Tiffany
by Laaaqweaha September 03, 2011
A term used for a penis that has been surgically enhanced.
Whoa dude Steve just got a Tiffany and now his dick is 19 inches long!
by Owneratorz August 13, 2008
The lead singer of the legendary band SK (Silent Killers) her voice is very sweet and tendering however when she's singing she pops everyone's eardrums...
omg i lost my hearing cause of Tiffany at that concert last night!
by bbakumatsuna August 22, 2008
to be skinny in adolesence and suddenly become obese.
whoa, didnt she used to be a skinny kid? what a tiffany!
by hampurger. July 13, 2008
The female version of a chad. Generally shortened to "tiff". Tiffanys are typically sorority girls who wear cut off jean shorts, Ugg boots, puka shell necklaces and platform flip flops. Fake tans and bleached blonde hair are also popular. Tiffs tend to be frat rats.
"HAHA check out that stupid tiff dancing on the bar!"

"We need to leave, this bar is filled with chads and tiffanys"
by actionaction July 10, 2008