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Female name meaning - Brings Joy
Language - Kiswahili (Swahili)
Origin - Africa (most likely originated in Kenya/Uganda or a neighboring country)
***She's named Tiesha? Oh she's an "esha" baby so it must be one of those ghetto made up things... no special meaning behind it...

Typically girls named Tiesha are social, hospitable, mild mannered, and fun-loving. There are the few lod-mouthed ghetto ones and of course the attention seekers as well as the nymphos. Do no make any mistake however, being named Tiesha does NOT make a woman ghetto, a hood rat, or another typical "esha" baby.
by TiePie February 08, 2010
its a verb-it means to murder a elephant in the face. or to tie ur shoes to a cavemans ears.
"did you see me tiesha at the party the other night"?
by phill McCrack February 03, 2009
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