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Tieg Paulson is a North Dakota native who is loved and respected by everyone he knows. Everyone knows him. He is often referred to by “the peacemaker” he can solve any ones problems. Everyone loves Tieg. He is very loveable like a teddy bear. People will also tend to call him things such as to “amazing” “the coolest guy you will ever meet” “pure awesomeness in one guy!”
Bailey: I know right! I love him soooooo much!
Kristen: I wish we were as amazing at Tieg...
Bailey: -puts hand on shoulder- Kristen?
Kristen: yes?
Bailey: I think you are just as cool as Tieg Paulson.
Kristen: thanks, but I just wish I were one of his friends. To be friends with Tieg would allow me to die happy.
by KRISTENandBAILEYwereHERE October 01, 2010
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