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A rightfully underknown and possibly useless product designed to wrap around your seat belt, cushioning your big tiddies (titties) from any discomfort and, thusly, promoting personal safety for the unjustly buxom and repugnantly obese. This plush apparatus is designed to be inconspicuously disguised as a small teddy bear, when not in use, hence the name.
"My shoulder strap used to pull so tight I could hardly breathe. Now, with the Tiddy Bear, I really enjoy traveling again." (actual quote from a real Tiddy Bear advertisement)
by Joshua Jordan Nordyke May 11, 2008
The word for teddy bear in a New Zealand accent. Rather funny when you hear it.

Sounds like the word for the female chest XD
A little boy in Auckland goes to bed with his tiddy bear while the Americans are at work or play
by Midnight Raven January 26, 2009