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A whore that secludes herself, but is still open to any man. Though the two might seem incompatible, they are not.
Man 1: Jessica always stay at home. How the hell does she pay her bills man?
Man 2: I saw a man go in there just yesterday.
Man 1: Really?
Man 2: He didn't come out until a few hours later. I saw her just standing in the doorway in her underwear. The guy handed her twenty dollars. And I could have sworn I heard him say, "See you next week same time."
Man 1: I thought that Jessica was a Buddhist. How can she be a whore?
Man 2: Buddhism says that everything in this world is just an illusion. So sex wouldn't be a big deal for her.
Man 1: So... she's a Tibetan whore.
by fluncenterin October 04, 2009

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